How to Change Your Snapchat Best Friends

There are a thousand reasons why you'd want to change your Snapchat best friends.

But the underlying truth to it is that your best friends, the people you chat with most frequently, are displayed publicly on your profile. Anyone who visits your profile can see who your best friends are.

This is a concern in so many ways.

For one, why would you want anyone to know who you've been exchanging pictures with most frequently over the week? And Snapchat known for all the nude pics and sexts, you would not want anyone, especially people close to you, knowing you've been exchanging nude pics with a particular someone.

Yes, yes, using Snapchat doesn't necessarily mean you're exchanging nude pics or sexting. But one thing is certain: you don't want others to keep a copy of the pics or messages you sent on Snapchat, which of course is the basic foundation on which Snapchat is built in the first place -- self-deleting messages and pictures.

Unfortunately however, Snapchat doesn't give you the option to hide or delete your Snapchat best friends list. But you can change who appears on the list using two simple hacks.

Change your Snapchat Best Friends by chatting more with other friends

When you chat more frequently with other friends, the score between you and that friend increases and will shortly outscore that between you and your best friends.

And on the next update, your Best Friends list will display that new friend you recently frequently chat with, and thus remove the existing best friends.

Delete your Snapchat Best Friends by blocking and unblocking

For a smarter and faster solution, you can simply block a particular best friend. When you block someone, the score between you drops to zero. This means that he/she will be instantly removed from all of your lists.

When you’ve made sure he/she is no longer in your Best Friends list, simply unblock him/her.

While these solutions are not the most elegant and official way to change your Snapchat best friends, they can still help you accomplish what you wanted, that is removing someone from your best friends list.

If you have any alternate methods, feel free to let us know in the comments.


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