Increase the Number of Snapchat Best Friends

By default, only 3 people are listed as your Best Friends on Snapchat. You can increase this number to 5 or 7.

Best friends feature is very convenient when you want to send out snaps. Instead of having to scroll through your entire contacts list to select the friends you want to send, you can just select them from the top of your contacts list, as your best friends are displayed on top of your contacts list. Because naturally, your best friends are the people that you exchange snaps with the most.

To increase the number of Best Friends, go to Settings. Under Settings, find the Manage link. Then tap on the # of best friends link and select 3, 5 or 7 depending on the number of best friends you want.

Remember also, however, that your Snapchat best friends are publicly viewable by anyone visiting your profile.


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