No Best Friends on Snapchat - What It Means

If you're new to Snapchat, you probably don't know what Best Friends are in Snapchat. Well, Snapchat best friends are 3 people that you exchange snaps with most frequently over the period of 7 days.

These friends are displayed on your profile as well as on top of your contacts list.

However, if you're new to Snapchat and haven't had interactions with anyone, your profile will display a message saying 'No best friends :('.

It is also possible that you have no best friends on Snapchat even after you have used the app for a long time. We'll discuss this in the following passages.

Why does my Snapchat profile say 'No best friends'?

Because you suck and no one wants to be friends with you. LOL. I'm kidding.

The truth is -- best friends on Snapchat is only a reflection of the number of interactions you have with other people on Snapchat. And these so-called 'best friends' may not necessarily turn out to be your best friends in real life.

Don't get emotional over it.

When your profile says, 'No best friends', it can mean two things. These are:

  • You are new to Snapchat and haven't sent out or received any snap.
  • You've been on Snapchat for quite a while, but maybe you haven't used the app lately. Since Snapchat best friends are updated on a weekly basis, it follows that if you did not snapchat with anyone over the week, it is possible that you'll have No best friends.

It's as simple as that.

How do I add new Snapchat best friends then?

Good question.

Having no best friends on your profile reflects poorly on your social status. It may indicate that you're a loner. Or so you may think.

And it's only natural to want to add new best friends. It's cool. And here's how.

To add new Snapchat best friends, all you have to do is chat with 3 persons on your contacts list. You don't have to overdo it. A few times within a week will do.

The next time the best friends list is updated, you'll see that you now have people on your list.


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If someone hasn’t used their Snapchat account for a year and decides to start using it again, will their previous best friends still show as their best friends now?

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