Snapchat Best Friends Score - Meaning & Explanation

There are two explanations to Snapchat best friends score. I'm only doing this post because I've seen a lot of people ask this question over and over again: what's the meaning of Snapchat best friends score?

It's a stupid question actually because there's no such thing as a Snapchat best friends score, at least not in the new versions of Snapchat.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let's debunk some myths.

What is not a Best Friends Score?

Take a look at the screenshot below:

This is a screenshot of a fellow blogger Katie Artemas' Snapchat profile. I hope she doesn't mind me using the pic; it's for demonstration purposes only.

Notice the number on top of the best friends list. Here's what you're thinking: this is the best friends score. Well you're wrong.

This is not the best friends score. Like I said, there is no such things as a best friends score in the newer versions (the screenshot above is that of the new version by the way).

The number you see there is your Snapchat score, previously called your HiScore. I'm not exactly sure what it indicates. But I believe, and this was true of the HiScore in previous versions, it is the total number of snaps sent and received, the number of Hi's sent and received.

So if you're still poking around and asking people 'why is my best friends score more than 1000 and yet my profile says no best friends?', stop it. That's not your best friends score. And it plays no role in choosing your best friends. If you want to know why you're having no best friends, read my post: No best friends on Snapchat - What it means.

What then is a Best Friends Score on Snapchat?

I've mentioned earlier how there is no such thing as a Best Friends score. Well I wasn't entirely honest.

There is such a thing as a Snapchat best friends score. And it's this score that determines who appears on your best friends list and who does not.

However in newer versions of Snapchat, like the screenshot above, this score is not displayed on your profile or anywhere else. It is used by Snapchat's algorithm to determine your best friends list.

Here's how it works. A score is measured for each snap you exchange with a friend. This is done for all of your friends. Snapchat's algorithm then lists the people that you have the most scores with as your best friends, given some other factors may also come into play.

And that score is what is known as a Snapchat best friends score. This score will reset to zero every week as best friends are updated on a weekly basis.

In earlier versions of Snapchat, you can see this score. Take a look at the screenshot below of a profile in an earlier version of Snapchat.

Notice the numbers next to each best friend. Those are the actual best friends scores. This score however is no longer visible in newer versions.

You will also notice a HISCORE just below the username of the profile. That number is the score that is now displayed on your profile. It's the HiScore, not a best friends score.

I hope that clears up every doubt you have about your Snapchat best friends score.


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